Why Travel to Turkey

Why I Should Travel to Turkey

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Why I Should Travel to Turkey

A country with a deep history, some of the tastiest food you will ever eat, beautiful landscape from the mountains to the beaches, and the magnificent city of Istanbul.All these reasons are the answer to the question of why I should travel to Turkey.

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Historical reasons

Turkey is home to a number of well-known landmarks, including the ancient harbor city of Ephesus (Ephesus) and the massive Byzantine dome of Hagia Sophia. This famous Silk Road site bears the imprint of several historical individuals and civilizations.

It is including the Romans, the Byzantines, and the Ottomans. Living their legacy takes you from the expansive Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, home to the sultan and his harem, to the enigmatic and alluring Lycian ruins on the Mediterranean coast.

Natural and Historical Areas

Turkey’s varied landscapes, from the Aegean olive fields to the eastern steppes, create a poetic backdrop for its numerous ancient ruins. The most enchanted terrain of the nation can be found in Asian Anatolia, where the magnificent Mediterranean coastline offers breathtaking vistas, the mysterious “fairy chimneys” of Cappadocia, rock formations and undulating valleys, the alpine pastures of the Kaçkar Mountains, and 18km of golden beaches called Patara.

Turkey’s beauty will make a lasting impact, whether you want to explore the rugged interior of one of the several peninsulas on the southwest coast or sit and enjoy the view of Lake Eirdir surrounded by mountains while sipping tea.

Different Activities

From outdoor adventure to cultural enrichment, Turkey has activities to suit every mood. Water activities include paddling on the buried remains of Kekova, diving, windsurfing, rafting, and canyoning in mountain passes, as well as classic gulet cruises in the Mediterranean and Aegean.

Alternately, ascend to the skies with one of Ölüdeniz’s thrilling paragliding flights or a hot air balloon trip above Cappadocia. Hike to the mountains or along a portion of the Lycian Way route to get a fresh perspective on the breathtaking Turkish environment. Attend a cooking lesson, relax in the hammam, or register for a walking tour of the city’s cuisine or culture.

Good Culinary

The best part of sampling Turkish cuisine is that it immerses you in the country’s rich culture, from the appetizers served at Mediterranean ports to the hostel breakfast made with farm fresh produce from the hostel garden.

Getting together and enjoying good food is a long-standing practice for the family and socially oriented Turks. Remember that eating helps you understand Turkey better as you savor foods like fiery Anatolian kebabs, frothed Aegean veggies with olive oil, and many more while sipping tea in the shape of a tulip and thinking about some baklava for dessert.

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