The City of Abraham

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The City of Abraham


Balikli Göl

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Sanliurfa is a city known for its religious tourism. There are several significant landmarks, but the most well-known is Balklgöl, which has become a symbol of anlurfa. His narrative is well-known, but I’ll tell it anyway: H Abraham began to combat idolatry, he was apprehended by his time’s King, Nemrut.

And a massive fire was built in the region where the present lake now stands, and he was catapulted into it from a hill above. At that same time, God commands the fire, “O fire, be calm and safe for Abraham,” and the fire transforms into water and the wood into fish. You may explore the lake and feed the fish today if you come here.

Şanlıurfa Balıklı Göl Oluşumu ve Özellikleri

Sanliurfa Bazaar

Costum Han (Sanliurfa Bazaar), one of the authentic inns with tea houses in its courtyard where you can drink mirra, menengiç, tea, and coffee, the Sanliurfa Bedesten, where you can find local products such as carpets, rugs, and felt, and the covered bazaar where local clothes and accessories are sold, Coppersmiths’ Bazaar, where coppersmiths and goldsmiths are clustered, is one of the most worth seeing bazaars of the center of Sanliurfa.

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Sanliurfa Museum


The Sanliurfa Museum is just as interesting as Göbeklitepe. A model of Göbeklitepe may be seen here. Stone artifacts, ancient tools, and anthropological remnants from the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Hittite eras are also on display. We will recommend one of the locations in Sanliurfa that you should see.



Perhaps you’ve heard, but the world has been buzzing about Göbeklitepe for the past 5-10 years since its discovery has rewritten human history. People were considered to settle down first, then build their belief systems. The 11,500-year-old Göbekli Tepe temple, on the other hand, demonstrates that people began to believe while still nomadic. Simultaneously, it offers a wealth of material that sheds insight on people’s shift from nomadism to established life.

Göbeklitepe'deki son keşifler ne anlama geliyor? - BBC News Türkçe



The “Slow City” is another name for Halfeti. Cittaslow, or slow city, is a distinction bestowed by an Italian committee to villages with populations of fewer than 50,000 that have succeeded in preserving their architecture. Culture, traditions, food, and crafts in the face of urbanization and globalization. We were startled since we had assumed that a Halfeti would jeopardize its validity.

Halfeti, which has housed a number of great civilizations throughout the course of its 3000-year history. Including Rome, Byzantium, the Sassanids, Umayyads, Abbasids, Ayyubids, Seljuks, and the Ottomans, was awarded this designation in 2013 and is located in Southeastern Anatolia. It was Turkey’s first and only Cittaslow city.


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