The 3 Desolate Islands in the World

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The 3 Desolate  Islands in the World

There are many islands in the world. Some are famous for their fun atmosphere, some for their beautiful beaches. Today, we will examine the 3 most desolate and untouched islands in the world.

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Sabla Island  / Canada

Our first island is Sable Island, where only one person lives. 

Only 1 person lives on the island of Sable, one of the most desolate places in the world. Zoe Lucas, a naturalist, goes to Sable island in 1971 and is very impressed by this island. She decides to live on the island she visited when she was only 21 years old, and after a while she settled on this island and began to lead a life on her own.

During her stay on the island, Zoe Lucas takes care of the horses on the island, cleans the sea and makes measurements on the island. Their needs are met about once a week.


Pitcairn Island / British Overseas Territories

No plane or helicopter has landed on the island of Pitcairn, one of the most deserted islands in the world, until today. The island is surrounded by steep rocks and has a subtropical climate.

Since Pitcairn is not accessible by plane or helicopter, it is possible to reach the island by taking a boat trip that takes at least 32 hours.

The population of this uninhabited island is about 50 people. The island of Pitcairn welcomes about 1000 tourists annually. However, after the sexual abuse experienced on the island in 2004, the number of tourists decreased because 6 of the 50 inhabitants on the island have been convicted of sexual abuse.


Gasaladur Island / Denmark

Only 18 people live on this island of Denmark. Access to this island is made only by a ladder installed during the second world war. For this reason, it is very difficult to reach the island.

The population of the island, which is 213 meters high on steep rocks, is difficult to reach, and the population has decreased gradually, and now only 18 people live on the island. Located on the island of Gasadalur, Mulafossur Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.


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