Places to Visit Antalya

Places to Visit in Antalya

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Places to Visit in Antalya

Many tourists who come to Antalya wonder about the places to visit in Antalya. Antalya has many natural and historical beauties besides sea tourism.


Düden & Kurşunlu Waterfalls


Düden and Kurşunlu are two well-known waterfalls in Antalya. Imagine a waterfall falling from the midst of the district in such a location, surrounded by city structures.

You drive through the city on your way to the market or the train station! While parking the automobile in such an unusual spot, one worries that the map indicates the incorrect location.

There is also a cave that may be explored. Even more intriguing is the fact that the sea is rushing down the sinkhole cliffs ahead. If you take a boat excursion from Kaleiçi, you can view the Düden, which pours into the sea, but you can also drive close to it.

Ancient City of Perge

Keep in mind that the Ancient City of Perge is 8 kilometers and 15 minutes distant when visiting Kurşunlu Waterfall. The Ancient City of Perge, which was erected on a large plain 4 kilometers from the Aksu River. Contains one of the best surviving stadiums from antiquit.

Greek-Roman style amphitheater, and a spectacular Hellenistic entry gate, is one of the most significant settlements of the Pamphyli civilisation.

Köprülü Canyon

It’s a national park where you may go rafting in the summer and enjoy activities like hiking, camping, and trekking. There are two ancient Roman bridges, one large and the other little. There are companies where you may spend a wonderful day rafting and going on safari trips all in the same location.


The most convenient rafting spots are Köprülü Canyon and Köprüçay, which runs through it. You’ll be rafting down the 14-kilometer circuit in boats for 8-10 people, guided by skilled guides.

It takes roughly 2.5 hours to complete the track. Helmets, shovels, and life jackets are all provided by companies. Summer time ( Juli- September) are the best months to go rafting in this area.

There are currently a number of service providers in the area. Some rafting trips will pick you up from where you left off and will provide a whole package tour that includes transportation, rafting, and lunch. Köprülü Canyon is one of the must visit places in Antalya.



This is the place to go if you enjoy extreme sports. Experienced climbers from all over the world train in Geyikbayir, which is located in the Taurus Mountains. So much so that this location is considered one of Europe’s top three winter climbing destinations, as well as one of the top ten worldwide.

There are routes in the region that vary in slope and height to accommodate various levels of difficulty. The majority of the rock structure is limestone. The heights vary between 15 and 50 meters.



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