Moving to Tiny House

Step By Step Moving Into a New Tiny House

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Step By Step Moving Into a New Tiny House

Many people want to change their lives, move to a minimalist life, moving to a tiny house to save money.

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Although many people think that moving into a big three bedroom house to a tiny house is difficult and problematic, it will actually be very enjoyable and relaxing.

So what kind of way do you need to follow in order to moving into Tiny houses stress-free?

If unnecessary, get rid of it

There are many unnecessary items in our house, in our room and even in every area of our lives. Our first step in moving to tiny houses is to get rid of excess items.

You need to rank them in order of importance. If you don’t use an item for more than 1 year, sell or discard that item. When you get rid of excess items, you won’t spend too much time on what to bring to Tiny houses.

Make good use of the life area

When moving into tiny houses, remember that you should adopt a more minimal lifestyle. When moving to tiny houses, the most important issue for you will be to use your living space well.

Learning new folding styles or switching to more functional products will put you at ease in your Tiny house. For example, if you are hanging clothes at home and keeping them in your closet, get used to folding those clothes.

Gardırobunu Yaza Hazırlama Vakti: Kışlıklardan Kurtul, Yazın Tadını Çıkar!


You can save space in your closets with clothes folding tricks.

Prepare for natural living

Being able to adapt to natural life is the most important key to moving to Tiny houses. Because in Tiny houses, you will live a life away from the city and intertwined with nature. Specializing in gardening, learning how to grow plants will allow you to enjoy Tiny houses more.

Before you moving into tiny houses, you should know that you will have a garden and if you take care of it, you will get very good results. Especially harvesting the vegetables and fruits you plant will give you a lot of pleasure.

Learn Simple Remodeling Jobs

When you moving into a tiny house, you have to do a lot of work yourself. For this reason, you need to learn simple repair work. This is very important both for you to try to live independently and for you to deal with difficult situations.

Tiny houses are often outside the city, intertwined with natural life, so it can be difficult or costly to find a plumber for simple renovation works, so be the plumber of your house.

Love Minimalism

Before you moving into tiny houses, you need to research and love minimalism. Minimalist life can make you happier because people who adopt minimalist life are generally people who can get rid of the pressure of the city and become more happy.


Thanks to the minimalist life, you can put an end to the consumption frenzy and live a peaceful life in your Tiny house.

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