Bodrum Travel Guide

Turkey Bodrum Travel Guide

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Bodrum Travel Guide

Tourists going to Bodrum need a Bodrum travel guide, so we have compiled them for you when to go and what to buy.

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Apart from the beautiful water, Bodrum offers a variety of ways to enjoy yourself.

Make time to see the Halicarnassus Mausoleum, Underwater Archeology Museum, Bodrum Antique Theatre, and King’s Tombs if you enjoy cultural activities.


Best Beachs in Bodrum

Aquarium Bay is a beautiful, clean bay where you should surely swim, and it lives up to its name. With its clean water and rocky shore, Kargicak Bay is a wonderful location.

Visitors are enthralled by Karaincir Bay, which can be reached both by land and by boat. With its rows of palm palms and untouched natural structure.

Aspat Bay is incredibly lovely both from the beach and the sea, despite its name. Many sheep in Maz district have a distinct appearance. But among these, we may state that Kisebükü, Ilgn Bay, and Sedef Bay are the most intriguing.

What to Buy from Bodrum?

Bodrum sandals are unquestionably one of the city’s most distinctive features. Because Bodrum sandals are entirely created from real leather soles and genuine leather, it may be required to wait a few days for the actual thing.

Bodrum’s maritime sector is quite significant, and sponge fishing is a component of it. When you visit Bodrum, you should get natural sponges that are healthful and free of chemicals for skin treatment.


When is the best time to go to Bodrum?

If you are going on a sea vacation and are comfortable in cold water, you may start the season in April and stay until November.

If you wish to take a complete summer vacation, choose a month between June and September.

Bodrum Night

At night, vacationers who love the sea, sand, and sun throughout the day visit a variety of cafés, pubs, nightclubs, and rak seafood restaurants.

The most lively areas in the heart of Bodrum are Bars Street, Tequilaclar Street, and Meyhaneler Street.

Bar Street in Bodrum

Bar Street, located in the heart of Bodrum and home to several entertainment venues, attracts thousands of travelers each year. The street, which comes alive after sundown, is busy into the early morning hours.

The 4 kilometer long Bar Street is lined with discos, bars, cafés, and nightclubs. Live music, bright parties, and famous DJs and musicians take the stage at the crowded venues over the season, while light shows add to the pleasure.

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