Best Beaches in Turkey

Best Beaches in Turkey

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10 Best Beaches in Turkey


We will examine with you the best beaches in Turkey with hidden coves, quiet beaches or fun nightlife.There are many beaches opening to the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts in Turkey, and there are many options from a romantic holiday to a holiday full of memories you will never forget in the friend’s environment.

If you want to plan an unforgettable trip in Turkey, which is surrounded by coastlines on three sides, let’s take a closer look at the best beaches in Turkey.

İçmeler Beach – Marmaris

If you like the harmony of green and blue, you will love İçmeler Beach, one of the best beaches in Turkey. You can have a pleasant time in İçmeler, which has clean blue waters in the forest, with numerous beach bars and fun water sports.

İçmeler Plajı - İçmeler Plajı Yorumları - Tripadvisor

Oludeniz – Ölüdeniz Fethiye

Ölüdeniz beach is also known as the Blue Lagoon and has one of the bluest waters in the world. If you are dreaming of a holiday intertwined with nature, Ölüdeniz may be the perfect option for you. Diving with turtles or watching the blue waters from the sky with paragliding is one of the good options.

Oludeniz is one of the best beaches in Turkey that fascinates its visitors with its soft sandy beaches and pristine nature.

Beautiful paradise at Blue Lagoon,Oludeniz beach. - Ölüdeniz Plajı işletmesinin resmi - Tripadvisor


Altınkum Didim – Altinkum


If you want a long coastline and a soft golden beach, Altınkum beach can fascinate you. With its fun nightlife, shallow and safe waters, you can have a fun holiday by doing water sports on Altinkum beach. You can also go to the hidden coves by boat from Altınkum beach and discover new places.

Altinkum Beach - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

Patara Beach

Patara beach is again one of the best beaches in Turkey for lovers of long coastlines. Patara beach is Turkey’s longest coastline and some of it is on the Lycian Way. It is in the first place for those looking for more calm and peace than other coastlines. You can have a peaceful holiday at Patara Beach with its unique sands and sunset views.

Patara Antik Kenti Hakkında Bilmeniz Gerekenler Antalya Cityzone

Cleopatra Beach – Alanya


Although Alanya is famous for its fun nightlife, it is home to Cleopatra Beach, one of the best beaches in Turkey. Alanya receives millions of tourists every year with its fun nightlife, luxury hotels and cleopatra beach. At Cleopatra beach, you can enter the refreshing waters from the hot sands and have a fun and unforgettable holiday.


Sedir Island

Sedir Island 

Sedir Island is one of the most difficult locations to reach in Turkey. Because it is an island, it is impossible to reach by car. You can reach Sedir island with boat tours departing every 20 minutes from the opposite coast. And swim in the coves of Sedir island, one of the best beaches in Turkey.

Sedir Island also has an interesting story. There is also a Cleopatra beach in Sedir Island, and the sand on the beach is not like the sand of that region; According to rumors, Cleopatra brought sand to this island and stayed on this island for a very long time.

Marmaris Sedir Adası Tekne Turu 2022 - Marmaris Kleopatra Plajı Turu - (0252) 4177131

Iztuzu Beach – İztuzu

Offering a visual feast with the fresh waters of Dalyan river and the incredible beaches of Iztuzu beach. This beach is also called Caretta Caretta Beach or Turtles Beach. In addition to being one of the best beaches in Turkey, a lot of work is being done to protect the caretta caretta.

Kaplumbağaların Anakarası İztuzu Plajı 2022 | YerelNET

Camel Beach

This beach takes its name from the camels lying on the beach. Tourists, who ride camels on the beach for touristic purposes, call the beach as camel cove. And while the beach was previously a Kargı beach, it is now called a Camel beach.

Camel Beach Bodrum Nerede? Nasıl Gidilir? | Hellovillam

Ovabükü Beach

You can feel the unique exoticism of the Aegean on the ovabükü beach. Datça, which has few hotels and pensions, is one of the best beaches in Turkey.

Offering a unique holiday with fresh fish and bread, calm beach bars and unforgettable sunset views, Ovabükü is waiting for you with the untouched beauty of the Datça peninsula.

Also, for those who like to live together with nature, you can look at the Tiny houses in nature.


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