Best Beaches in Morocco

Best Beach in Morocco

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Best Beaches in Morocco

Given that Morocco’s coastline runs along both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. There are many beaches there that scream to be explored. Many of the country’s extensive dune coasts have plenty of waves, making them attractive locations for keen surfers and watersports fans. Let’s see which are the most best beaches in Morocco.

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Martil Beach in Morocco

Moroccan vacationers love to visit Maril beach, which is situated in a small but charming village, to cool down in the Mediterranean throughout the summer.

A lovely stroll along the beach provides for a soothing stroll along the beach, and bright green mountains hug the headlands. Grab an iced coffee and take a break to see the warm, light blue seas crashing against the milky white beach.

If you enjoy playing golf, there are various top notch courses around the Maril in Cabo Negro. Martil is a charming village that is bustling with activity in the summertime and offers more than simply a beach. It is a place to relax and unwind.

Essaouira Beach in Morocco

In the 1960s, the old and historic city of Essaouira was a well liked stop on the hippie route. Where many prominent artists took a pause to take in the local culture and natural beauty. Essaouira has evolved into a significant port city in modern times, yet its origins remain in tradition.

Essaouira beach, which attracts hippies with its incredibly sumptuous eating options. It is well known for its laid back vibe and dazzling sands. One of the numerous restaurants offering top notch food in a stunning coastal location offers delectable beachfront dinners.

 Legzira Beach in Morocco 

The natural rock formations at Legzira Beach are an iconic sight that have drawn attention from all over the world. Two sandstone arches that protruded from the cliffs used to be what distinguished it from other beaches in terms of extraordinary natural beauty.

The beach is still an amazing location to view the unusual rock formations and is well known for sunsets that fill the sky and bring out the variety of reds in the rocks. Due to its windy climate, Legzira is a very well-liked location for paragliding, surfing, and sunset watchers.

Taghazout in Morocco

A laid-back atmosphere permeates Taghazout. There are several surf shops and courses for individuals who wish to test the waves, and surfers frequently hang out at the city’s restaurants and guesthouses.

There are several spots on the beach’s rocky outcroppings and lovely golden beaches where you may hire sun loungers and umbrellas and unwind to the sound of breaking waves. On the beach, the evenings are delightfully pleasant. When the sun goes down, the waves become pink and orange, making it the ideal location for yoga.

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