Animals in Danger of Extinction

Good News from Turkey About Endangered Animals (Anatolian Leopard)

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Animals in Danger of Extinction

Every year, several animal in danger of extinction as a result of changing climatic and natural circumstances. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of endangered species that we believe should be protected as a social obligation.

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In addition, our literature includes some examples of how humans might avoid additional environmental devastation. The animals on our list are endangered species that are in risk of losing or have already lost their native habitats in various regions of the world.

But recently there has been good news about endangered animals from Turkey’s borders.

First, the striped hyena was imaged, and then the Anatolian leopard was imaged. You can access these images from the article.


Lynx is a North American, European, and Asian feline that lives in the northern woodlands. Because of its densely coated fur, this species.

Which can survive in extremely cold climates, is able to regulate its body temperature at all times. Due to a surge in poaching and the destruction of natural life.

The number of these felines, who draw attention with their big claws and prominent ears, is dwindling. The lynx, a predatory species, is one of the animal species in risk of extinction across the world, particularly in our own nation.


Dosya:Lynx lynx poing.jpg - Vikipedi

Hyena with stripes

Some sections of Anatolia are home to striped hyenas, which are featured in animal documentaries as predators. Despite the fact that its population is declining, hunting this species is illegal in all nations.

Striped hyenas are a smaller species of hyena in the hyena family than the other members. This species, unlike other hyena species found solely in Africa, has been detected throughout Asia and even Turkey, according to study.

These creatures, who live for an average of 12 years, are among the most endangered species on the planet today.

It is photographed with an endangered striped hyena cub in Turkey in March.




The leopard is one of the creatures on the verge of extinction across the world. Leopards, like the lynx, are one of the feline family’s four biggest species.

This species, which is closely related to lions, tigers, and jaguars, is recognized for its elegance and strength. Sub-Saharan Africa, northeast Africa, Central Asia, India, and China are all home to this species. In addition to all of this, the leopard population outside of Africa is in grave danger.

You can find the video of the Anatolian leopard, which was recently displayed on the borders of Turkey, here.

Caretta Carette

A protected sea turtle species, Caretta Caretta, can lay up to 100 eggs at once. This species, which prefers to live along the Mediterranean shore, is the most abundant in Turkey.

This turtle species is exclusively known for living in the water, and it is on the verge of extinction owing to illicit poaching and rising pollution levels. The paddle-shaped swimming legs and reddish shell distinguish these water animals that only come onshore to reproduce.





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