And never let you know points that guys inform us

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And never let you know points that guys inform us

Experience with the Midas — do you ever hear the fresh tale?

945 And you can somme seyn you to definitely invited delit han we And some claim that i have high happiness 946 To have to been holden stable, and you may eek secree, Become thought steadfast, and also (in a position to keep a great) wonders, 947 Along with o purpos stedefastly to dwelle, And also in you to mission steadfastly to stay, 948 And you can nat biwreye thyng one to guys all of us telle. 949 But you to story try nat value a rake-stele. But one to facts isn’t worth a rake handle. 950 Pardee, i wommen konne zero thyng hele; Because of the Jesus, i feminine normally cover up nothing; 951 Witnesse with the Myda — wol ye heere the newest facts?

952 Ovyde, amonges othere thynges smale, Ovid, certainly most other quick things, 953 Seyde Myda hadde, less than his longe heres, Said Midas got, not as much as his long-hair, 954 Growynge on his follow a couple asses eres, Several ass’s ears, expanding on their direct, 955 The brand new whiche vice he hydde when he better myghte New and that vice he hid when he greatest you are going to 956 Ful subtilly out of every mannes sighte, Extremely skillfully out of each and every mans eyes, 957 You to, save yourself their wyf, ther wiste of it namo. One to, except for their spouse, around know from it zero other people. 958 The guy adored get moost, and you may trusted hire and additionally; The guy cherished their most, and you can trusted their own along with; 959 The guy preyede hire one to to zero creature The guy prayed their own that in order to no animal 960 She sholde tellen away from his disfigure. She would be to tell of his disfigurement.

Understand Ovid, so utiliser ce lien web there it is possible to understand they

961 She swoor your, “Nay”; for al this world in order to wynne, She swore him, “Nay”; for everybody the world in order to win, 962 She nolde accomplish that vileynye or synne, She would perhaps not accomplish that dishonor or sin, 963 And work out hir housbonde han therefore foul a name. And come up with their unique husband features thus nasty a reputation. 964 She nolde nat telle it to have hir owene shame. She’d maybe not share with it getting her own guilt. 965 But nathelees, hir thoughte one she dyde But nevertheless, she believed that she’d die 966 One to she therefore longe sholde an excellent conseil hyde; In the event that she is mask a key way too long; 967 Hir thoughte they swal very soore aboute hir herte She believe it swelled thus aching about their own center 968 You to nedely som phrase hire moste asterte; You to necessarily certain word need to eliminate their own; 969 And sith she dorste telle they in order to zero people, And because she dared give they so you’re able to zero guy, 970 Doun to help you good mareys faste by the she ran — She ran down to a truth be told there hir herte try afyre — Up until she came indeed there their particular center try afire — 972 And also as a bitore bombleth about myre, So that as a great bittern bumbles in the mire, 973 She leyde hir mouth area unto the water doun: She placed their unique throat down unto water: 974 “Biwreye me nat, thou liquid, having thy soun,” “Betray me not, thou water, having thy sound,” 975 Quod she; “in order to thee I telle they and namo; She said; “to help you thee We share with they no someone else; 976 Myn housbonde hath longe asses erys two! My husband provides a few a lot of time asses ears! 977 Now is myn herte al hool; now could be it oute. Now could be my cardiovascular system all whole; now is it out. 978 I myghte no lenger kepe they, away from doute.” I can no more ensure that it stays, undoubtedly.” 979 Heere may ye se, thogh i a great tyme abyde, Here you’ll be able to come across, though we a time abide, 980 But really out it moot; we kan zero conseil hyde. But really away it must been; we can mask not a secret. 981 The latest remenant of your story if ye wol heere, The fresh remnant of the story for a moment pay attention to, 982 Redeth Ovyde, and ther ye will get it leere.

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