Good News About Anatolian Leopard

Anatolian Leopard

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The Anatolian leopard is one of the wild animal species belonging to the feline family, which spreads in the Asian continent. However, uncontrolled hunting, increasing human population threats, destruction of natural habitats, and trade in wild animals have reduced the population of the Anatolian leopard. 

Although it is claimed to be a subclass of the Persian leopard, which is related to the feline family, the Anatolian leopard is distinct from the Persian leopard in terms of characteristics and has been photographed many times within the borders of Turkey. Since the living areas of the Anatolian leopard have been destroyed over time; living creatures began to come to places close to humans, and then many of them were shot and killed by humans. The Anatolian leopard is one of the endangered wildlife species and therefore needs to be carefully protected.

Recently, a dead baby Anatolian leopard was found on the borders of Turkey in 2015 and it has caused a lot of controversy. Because it was surprising that this species, which could not be seen for many years, was seen again in geography. However, it became clear from the DNA analyzes that the creature found was definitely the Anatolian leopard. Natural life conservation associations are doing a lot of work on the Anatolian leopard. Strict measures have been taken to protect endangered animals.

And today, good news came again about the Anatolian leopard. An Anatolian par was seen on the borders of Turkey on 24.05.2022 and he was in a very healthy condition. Like other endangered animals, the Anatolian leopard needs to be protected under its natural habitat and to live comfortably away from the public. Because the world is beautiful when shared. We must use our habitats carefully and treat our animal friends with respect and love.

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